Female doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

We have the vision to combine excellent clinical practice with a holistic and caring treatment approach. We share the philosophy of patient centered care where an individual tailored treatment plan is of utmost importance.

In order to achieve our goal, CRC is built on four keystone principles:

  • The most advance, time-targeted active functional restoration or work conditioning (complete rehabilitation) program which is prescribed by, and managed by our highly qualified rehabilitation specialist.
  • Utilizing outcome measures we show objective measurement of continual improvement while under care until maximum benefit has been reached.
  • Open lines of communication is the key to providing better clinical outcomes (i.e. Progress reports, case management meetings)
  • Highest quality of patient care and providing patient education by increasing self-reliance and independence of the patient which is essential to restore patient to activities of normal living. Patient education sessions include back school, proper lifting technique, stress and wellness topics.

Our Patient Education Program begins in a supportive environment which encourages self-directed independence towards a management, pain management (hurt vs. harm), postural education, good nutrition and a variety of normal healthy lifestyles.