Have you heard of acupuncture? It is not a new technique for treatment as it has been in use as a form of Chinese medicine, for many years. During the treatment, the acupuncturist in Brampton will insert needles at different points on your body to allow free flow of energy in your body.

Even though they use needles, the treatment is relatively free of pain. Several studies carried out to determine the efficacy of the practice, shows that acupuncture has the following health benefits:

Provide Relief from chronic pain
A popular application of acupuncture in Brampton is relief of chronic pain. Research carried out in 2012 by Memorial Sloan-Kettering, showed that patients who had acupuncture treatments felt less pain than those in the placebo group.

It can be used to relieve migraines and headaches too. One of the areas that have received high proof of the effectiveness of the treatment is relief of neck pain.

Prevent nausea and vomiting
Usually, after surgery, the patient may experience postoperative nausea and vomiting. It is so as he or she recovers from the effects of anesthesia. There are particular pressure points during an acupuncture treatment that are believed to reduce the feeling of nausea in a patient, which may, in turn, induce vomiting.
The points include, near the wrist and areas under the forearm.

Can prevent cognitive decline
Some research into the treatment shows that it can lead to relief of symptoms of age-related cognitive decline. When the pressure is applied to different points on the brain, it generates a neural response.
It can lead to the improvement of the symptoms of an individual, e.g., slowness, sleep, tremor, anxiety, etc.

Reduces Insomnia
According to studies, acupuncture can reduce the frequency of insomnia in many people. During the treatments, the technique increases the secretion of nocturnal melatonin. It is the chemical that helps and induces sleep.
A 2009 study by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine shows that combining acupuncture therapy with medication or herbal treatment for insomnia, resulted in better effects than using the procedures alone.

Reduces Anxiety
How acupuncture therapy helps to reduce anxiety is not entirely understood. Studies show that there is a definite correlation between anxiety reduction and acupuncture.

Research in the effectiveness of acupuncture is still undergoing. However, the above are some of the proven benefits of the treatment.