Massage therapy has been a form of treatment among different cultures for many years. It can be traced back to Indians, Chinese, Ancient Greek, Egyptians among others. It is an alternative treatment protocol that involves the manipulation or kneading of the muscles of the body and soft tissue, too.

There is a wide variety of techniques in existence that fall into the broad category of massage therapy. Each method varies from the other concerning intensity, touch and pressure applied during the procedure. Some of the conventional processes include:

  1. Deep Massage: this technique focuses on the deep layers of one’s muscles, and also the connective tissue. It involves forceful and slow strokes.
  1. Reflexology: in this form of massage therapy our massage therapist in Brampton will focus his or her pressure to specific parts of your body, referred to as reflex points. These are parts of your body that relate to all other areas of the body.
  1. Baby massage: Babies, even premature babies can benefit from massage therapy. It helps treat issues with sleeping, colic and even constipation.
  1. Swedish massage: this form of therapy is usually gentle. The therapist kneads, uses long strokes and deep circular movements to get you energized and help you relax.

What are the Benefits of Massage?

Massage therapy is an alternative form of treatment that has been in practice over the years. The following are its advantages:

  • After undergoing surgery, massage therapy can be applied to relax your muscles, improve movement of joints and circulation. It also helps to increase your flexibility.
  • During and after your massage appointment, you are going to feel relaxed. It has been used to treat anxiety and depression too.
  • It helps ease muscle pain. Massage is an effective treatment for chronic pain as it promotes and improves circulation.
  • A good massage will encourage a restful sleep. It is helpful especially for those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Our RMTs in Brampton can also perform infant massage to help children sleep better.
  • Massage therapy is also an effective reliever of headaches and migraines. It reduces the frequency of migraines and helps an individual to sleep better.

If you are looking for massage therapy in Brampton, you can visit our center. It is not just a treatment option; a good massage will help you feel relaxed while relieving you of stress. We are all aware that stress is the number one contributor to many diseases, right?